Bulimia Signs -The Obvious And The Difficult-To-Notice

Bulimia Signs

A few days ago a friend said, "I've been eating a lot and I want to go on juice fasting next week. Do I have Bulimia? Do I have eating disorders?'' What eating disorder or bulimia signs do you see in you before you can say you have it? What is the usual pattern?

What Are Your Answers To These Questions? :

  • Do you love to really eat? And you eat heavy several times daily? Perhaps, you tuck away some of the food items to eat in secret later. You binge, that is. Eating is really your passion.
  • Do you have an equal but opposing passion to keep your weight in check? Do you want to keep trim and trendy? In spite of whatever foods you eat?
  • Do you eat and want to get rid of what you ate? It doesn't really matter the means you use. It could be vomiting a few or many times daily after eating. That's, you force yourself to vomit during or after the meals. Maybe you use diuretics, or enemas and laxatives, to force frequent and fast stooling. As long as the aim is to get rid of what you have already eaten, then there's a problem.
  • Maybe, you consider these out of the way and rather use fasting of any kind. Or you add fasting for some days to the purging.

  • Do you engage in vigorous exercise regimen, not to keep fit but to keep trim? And you really task yourself to keep to your exercise plan?

Answering 'Yes' to the questions above is an indication that you basically have BULIMIA.

More Signs Experienced In Varying Degrees:

The bulimia signs listed above are basic. You could experience the ones below in varying degrees depending on how long you have been practicing the lifestyle.

  • Guilt and shame as a result of the Binge-Purge Cycle
  • Guilt as a result of lowered moral standards.

For example, your having to tell lies about your binging and purging each time you are caught or nearly caught.

  • Low self esteem and very poor self image. You always see yourself as very fat, even when thin. You tend to magnify your mirror image always
  • Body odor
  • Bruised knuckles
  • Esophagus problems
  • Extreme weakness, after the frequent vomiting and or stooling
  • Dehydration, notice skin dryness
  • Frail looks
  • Hair loss
  • Depending on how long you've been in it, you may experience missed or slow heart beats
  • Stomach acids come in regular contact with your teeth. This causes wearing off of teeth enamel and teeth decay. Your gums are not left out of the attacks.
  • Electrolyte imbalance sets in affecting both the kidneys and the heart. Kidney failure may result.
  • If a female, your menstrual period will be highly irregular.
  • Should you wish to have a baby, conception would prove difficult.
  • Irritability and mood swings
  • Sleeplessness
  • Low productivity
  • Finally, Bulimia Death

Bulimia is self destructive lifestyle. It is also wasteful.

Join the many who have stopped their bulimic lifestyle!

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