Anorexia Recovery Tips

Useful Anorexia Recovery Tips You Can Start With

Anorexia recovery is a great possibility. It may just be a little slower than getting into anorexia. If I knew this, I'd have thought a thousand times before trifling with it. If I knew that I would one day be hanging between life and death, no desire to be whom I am not and would never be, would push me into it.

I got into anorexia without knowing what it really was.

Emaciation Process

I just had a simple quest to shed weight fast and feel powerful. I did shed weight. I felt powerful, but that was just initially. Then, the power gave way to fright. Some are advised to shed weight if they are overweight and sick. The tendency is to dive into an emaciation process which they think is a cure all for their issues. While weight loss is good for many, getting into anorexia in the process is really problematic. The ensuing anorexia problems weigh heavier than the weight issues they had.

I Had Initial Control

I started with being in control, in charge. Then, I discovered that I lost the control. Anorexia took over and began to control me. I didn’t eat, I COULDN’T eat. I threw up anything that passed in through my mouth. Something just had to be done. And that was to be done fast.

Overwhelming Crises

I was already having heartbeat issues. I was restless and irritable. Sleeplessness set in. That is, no bit of sleep for days. Fever and headaches were having a field day in me. If you've ever been scared, then you'll understand what I went through. I watched ME ebbing away.

Malaria Or Anorexia?

An MD friend who had no eating disorder experience started me on malaria drugs. Fortunately, the first thing he did was to get me to sleep. As soon as I woke up the next morning, knowing what my challenge was, I knew I wasn’t going to be helped by the drugs. I needed food. I needed simple anorexia recovery steps. And I needed to recover fast. The big question was: How do I get the food in? My whole body was shaking. Being on my feet was a problem. This was because I was trembling all over.

Choose To Live

I had absolutely no appetite for anything. But I had a mind that was active. I had made up my mind to:

• Change

• Live

• Accept myself

• And Eat

I had to eat. It wasn't just about eating but eating well and eating right. Hubby was having his own bit of male eating disorders at the same time. His wasn’t as bad though. With his encouragement, I nibbled at foods he fixed for me. Yes, nibbled. I feared throwing the whole stuff out.

I feared also for my life. I needed courage to keep on.

It was gradual.

My Anorexia Treatments

When I had enough strength to go out, I went to buy FRESH FRUITS.I had read a book that recommended fresh fruits as perfect food. Fresh, Organic Fruits. I started eating them first thing in the morning.

What fruits? Fresh organic Water Melon and Pineapples. I don't know what fruits you have in your own part of the globe. These were what I found easily here and I started on them. Their cleansing and healing effects are truly dramatic. Eating them fresh made my anorexia recovery journey shorter. And, my system could retain them and didn't throw them out. Initially, the journey to sound health and vibrancy looked long. But, these fruits kind of cut the journey short to my utmost joy. Each new day had me getting better and feeling more energized. With this, my appetite improved. I started eating and retaining the foods.

Note that it was small quantity per time.

Most importantly, my mind was set for a change never to meddle with anorexia again. This mindset has helped me over the years.

Nothing has ever lured me back.

Incidentally, I am still shapely, not skinny. I accepted myself, and what I see in the mirror is beautiful enough. Treatment of anorexia nervosa could take time but if you are minded to come off it, you'll be free. But you must cooperate with whoever you are getting counsel or treatment from. You could contact me for more counseling. All you do is Reach Me Here! You certainly need every I beat anorexia info you could get.

YOU are worth fighting for.

Resolve to live to make a difference. Take the bold step. Be courageous. Believe you can and you will. See a great future ahead. Please, go through this website, you'll get many More Tips.

Also, The Many Health Benefits of Pineapples and Water Melon are outlined here.

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