Beat Anorexia Now!

To Beat Anorexia is just A Decision Away...

Much as the final recovery and freedom may come later than a snap at the fingers, IF You make the choice to beat anorexia, You Can. This is for those who are in it already and for those who are about to get in. Temptation to live an anorexic lifestyle is high, I know.

The media paints pictures that bone skinny is beautiful.

They say that to be admired and be acceptable you have to wear the Thin Looks. That you have to be just thin skin and bones. It's so bad that you could at this time see yourself battling with weight issues instead of focusing on making adequate preparations for your future. Maybe, your friendships are based on how 'Thin and Beautiful' your friends look.

Ten, Twelve Year Old Anorexics

Fancy a 10-year old slim girl complaining of fat thighs and slipping into anorexia.Statistics reveal that among 10-12year olds, especially girls, anorexia is gaining a lot of grounds. Time for school assignments is spent at the mirror and on chats with friends of like minds. They exchange ideas on how to achieve their Thin-Thin-Look goals. Some one said, "If you don’t train them, don’t blame them. They need to be educated on the fact that anorexia is a Self-Harm adventure. They need to understand the Long Term Effects Of Anorexia.

Treatment Of Anorexia Nervosa

There's need to seek treatment of anorexia nervosa before you tip over like it happened to me. Your committed choice for freedom from this self harm is important. That way, following instructions or prescriptions wouldn't be too difficult. So it is really the inward decision and the power you put behind the decision that keeps you on in the face of challenges later. Feel free to Contact Me. You may need to see an MD or an eating disorders expert as you get on this site, but you still must make up your mind to come out of it all.

Drop all the dis-empowering food "Thou Shalt Nots."

They are destructive. You took a number of decisions to get in. Unmaking the said decisions will help you beat anorexia. Like, you looked at yourself in the mirror and decided you were not good enough. You were not beautiful enough... Well because, You were not thin enough... And you needed to get really thin very fast. These were my own issues too.

I Had Adult Anorexia

I didn’t know that this adult anorexia was going to negatively affect my heart, head, eyes, stomach, brain, …well all my system. I thought it had to do with just not liking or wanting to eat. I had an extreme exercise regimen in addition. Until my body reacted angrily and I didn't need any to tell me I had gotten into extreme anorexia. I hung between life and death.

My New Decision

I made new decisions but it took time before Remember, at this time I had tipped over. I could no longer eat. I fought with anorexia and beat it. It was a protracted battle. But I won, never to go back to the old deadly romance. Stories on anorexia death were so scary. To keep my victory, I adopted a balanced eating approach. I wouldn’t binge.

7 Anorexia facts:

• Anorexia is an eating disorder. So it is a disease.

• It can be overcome. You can Recover from it.

• Your decision to beat anorexia once-and-for-all is most important.

• Fresh organic Fruits and their fresh juices heal your system very fast. Fruits MUST be eaten on Empty stomach. So they are better used for breakfast.

• You are important and can be a solution to others.

• Anorexia is a slow killer. Don’t trifle with it.

• Embrace change.

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