Adult Anorexia

Adult anorexia occurs in adults. Overweight and underweight have no age-limits. You could want to get away from overweight class. The temptation is often high to get results fast. It is easy for me as an adult to associate my weight with what I eat, both the quantity and the quality. If you had a lot of weight, you understand the sweet feeling you get when others pay you compliments for a new trim figure. Anorexia Women start off this way. A close friend of mine shared her anorexia tips with me. I had this desire to thin out. I embraced the tips and practiced them till I had a crisis. The Damaging Effects Of Anorexia can really demand what you didn't bargain for. I found out!

  • My heart was affected. I suffered missing heartbeats. This was frightening.
  • My teeth got brittle and that resulted in loss of some teeth.
  • I had slipped disc at the slightest pressure
  • I was often irritable. This affected my relationships badly

Male Anorexia

This is anorexia among men. Statistics show though, that fewer men delve into anorexia than women. Except for gender-specific issues, effects of anorexia in men are the same as in women. If you have male anorexia, one of the effects you'll easily notice is inability to think through. This is caused by lack of adequate glycogen supply to your brain.

  • Headaches
  • Low productivity
  • Weakness
  • Impatience and irritability
  • Lack of libido and many more take root and the net effect could

be a crisis and for some, death.

Anorexia Help

Adult anorexia is somewhat easier to handle. Hmmm... This statement is correct only in the sense that your cooperation is would be given. It is my joy to see many helped out of anorexia and other eating disorders. You can come out of anorexia or get out of other eating disorders.The nuggets you get out these pages are tried and tested. I used them. And I have a healthy body in top shape to show for it. It is worth trying.

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