Anorexia Symptoms

Note that Anorexia symptoms are many.

It is important that you know them.

If you arm yourself with the knowledge it'll go a long way to help you recognize this devastating eating disorder wherever it is lurking, whether in you or in a loved one. You may already know that for some people, going into anorexia is not deliberate. It is really a case of one bad choice leading to another.

So what are the symptoms you are likely to

see in someone suffering from Anorexia?

• Sunken eyes

• In girls and women, irregular periods or no period at all. This is amenorrhea.

• Self-hatred, especially criticizing self in the mirror and before others

• Thinning of hair

• Hairy body. The said hairs are weak and off-color

• Head and body aches

• Nausea

• Cold. Because of too thin a layer of fat under the skin, you easily feel and catch cold

Wrong self-image. Seeing self as very fat when really too thin. The mirror always says “FAT”

• Lack of appetite

• Little or no desire for foods

• Picking at foods

• Body weakness

• Obsession for weighing self and using measuring tapes on different parts of the body: arms, thighs, waist etc

• Avoiding eating with family and friends in order not to be chided over eating too little. When I had anorexia, I hated attending social functions where food is served

• Obsession with excessive work outs. There's really an exercise addiction here. Even if the body is weak and in an awful state, this exercise addiction makes you want to drive your body even beyond reasonable limits. You could notice all or some of these in an Anorexia Sufferer. Now that you are here, please go through the rest of the pages and get the needed info to come out of these. I was once living an anorectic lifestyle but I am now free. Help for you abounds Here.

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