Anorexia Sufferers

Anorexia sufferers are many. You are not alone. I was one. Thank God we have websites like this one today from where we could get proper information on what to do about this deadly eating disorder. I started mine as an adult. Some start as early as at 10 years of age. The average age of developing anorexia according to recent surveys is twelve years. At this age, there's very little understanding of what anorexia and its effects are. This site puts issues of anorexia in very simple terms to make understanding easy for all levels and all ages.

Becoming Anorectic Early

This is a daily occurrence in many homes today. It occurs simultaneously in many families. Nine year old Benny woke up as usual, and went about getting ready for school. Mum's in the kitchen fixing breakfast. Then suddenly, loud, screaming voices of mum and dad. Not for the first time, but there was a streak about this one that unnerved Benny. What would this end as? Where is this bitter quarrel leading to? Benny hardly ate the breakfast. And mum didn't notice...She is filled with a monstrous rage. At school, she didn’t open her lunch box. She gets home to find everywhere rather quiet. Just the week before, her friend Janice was sick in school. When she recovered she told Benny that her parents just divorced. Benny like many other kids live in constant fear of this.

This puts off hunger and appetite for foods. In such tense situations, many mums hardly even bother about these kids and their feeding. A pattern is set and the kid grows up with it. It becomes a habit. Yes, a lifestyle of eating very little or nothing at will is developed.

Self Harm

They learn to live without food. It gets ingrained in them. As teens, it becomes even harder to break. Especially as they don't easily discuss their challenges with their friends or anybody till crisis point. And if they have any tendency to being chubby or fat, the slightest teasing at school by friends, sends them running to what they know best: eat little, skip meals in order to be bone skinny. And in order to please their friends.

What's Growth Got To Do With It?

Also, because of mood swings and lack of understanding of the growth-induced changes happening in their bodies, teens are natural anorexia sufferers.

Sometimes, they feel overwhelmed by the increasing demands placed on them at school and home. Their 'punching bag' becomes food. They pick at it if they'd eat at all. They feel so out of control over the issues of their lives that they see food as one area that they can 'exercise authority'. Misplaced aggression, alright. But it grows till they become deep captives of anorexia. This deadly lifestyle starts eating them away, eating up their organs and different body parts. Some of the Damages Inflicted By Anorexia are irreparable.

More females than males are anorexia sufferers.

And while it could start very early, there are sufferers who are well over fifty. Some elderly ones who feel frustrated with their lives drive themselves fast to the grave by an anorexic lifestyle.

Other Causes Of Anorexia and reasons anorexia sufferers give for embracing this suicidal lifestyle exist. You are welcome here. Please, go through the many pages. They are heartily written to help.

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