Obvious Signs Of Eating Disorder

Heavy Binging, Sign Of Eating Disorder

Signs Of Eating Disorder

The signs of eating

disorder types are

varied depending

on the eating disorder in


Each eating disorder

has signs to indicate

that the issue has gone

out of the ordinary.

Anorexia nervosa is

easy to identify. An aversion for foods  is often obvious.

Can't hide for long, that is.

More often than not, this disorder starts gradually.

The victim hardly ever intends it.

Just Wanted To Shed A Little Weight

Before I slipped into it, I actually just wanted to loose some kilos.

Well, just to look smarter, and more beautiful.

Or so I thought. Skipping meals was easy.

Staring at a food item without touching it was an exhibition of power,

control and discipline to me.

I never thought I was endangering my body and entire system.

Your Mirror Or The Scale?

When you look at the mirror and the mirror tells you Gross overweight.

You get on the scale and the stuff tells you Normal or near so.

Watch it. Who do you listen to?

Your favorite clothes still fit nicely.

But somehow, you wish to wear 3 sizes lower than your usual.

What you Sacrifice to Get to that Size is Important.

If you comfortably sacrifice

meals to achieve your

purpose, then watch it here.

You are likely inviting the

deadliest eating disorder of

all time: Anorexia Nervosa!

Certainly, you could get to

loose some excesses. But

what you do to get there

is important. Also, how fast you demand results from You is also important.

Those who want to go gradually are less likely to stay days without food.

They are less likely to skip meals.

Because they want long term sustainable results.

They take it in comfortable strides without over-exercising and starvation.


An anorexia victim over-exercises, even when obviously thin.

They prefer to pick at their foods in isolation.

They often avoid eating in public or with another person.

Checking calorie contents of foods turns into an obsession.


Bulimia is another one you could spot easily.

The victim often goes off to use the toilet soon after eating.

They over eat and then throw the stuff up.

Or you could notice they buy laxatives

or reel off the names of different laxatives with ease.

They could use enemas too.


They are exercise freaks.

A kind of measure to burn out excess fat.

Funny they derive a lot of fun eating and eating.

Then they turn round to loathe the fact that the food is inside them.

The consequence of the excess food within alarms them. Temporarily!

Yes, temporarily because after their rounds of vomiting or purging,

they still go on more eating spree.


Binge is the most obvious. The victim just keeps eating.

They are often over weight. May not like the idea of being fat.

But certainly does nothing about it.

They measure your love for them by how much you

overindulge them food-wise.

Victim has an uncommon passion for foods.

Doesn't care about exercising to keep fit or shed excess weight.

If you notice any of or a combination of these

signs of eating disorder types, look for A Way Out to nip them in the bud.


The rest of this website is filled with useful info on how to break

the shackles of different eating disorders.

Please, read through.

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