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Yes, You Can Beat Anorexia

The I beat anorexia

t-shirts worn by obese

bingers isn't a solution

to anorexia.

Reason is that the

answer to anorexia is

not binge.

Both are body

destroyers and health


While I was anorexic, I never wished to binge and be obese in order

to settle my problems.

Yes, I reached crisis point.

But still, I had to find my solution by maintaining a proper balance.

I have lived with that solution for over five years now.

Conquer The Mountains

Coming out of anorexia can be a mountainous issue.

But who said you cant scale the mountains?

I went through the recovery process gradually.

Much depends on you.

I discovered that no one could take care of my body better than me.

Think about it: if you feel pains on your little finger, I have no way

of FEELING the same pains with you.

The best I could do is to empathize with you. But YOU bear the pains.

So it is with anorexia.

External controls are

hardly effective in

handling this slow


Much as one would wish

to help, the best and

fastest is what you

resolve to do.

I listed for myself what

I would do and what I

would no longer do.

That was a step towards taking back the controls I had lost to anorexia.

My mind was made up to come out and never to meddle with it again.

Practical Solution

What you need is a sustainable solution. A solution that is simple.

A practical solution.

I beat anorexia hands down using them.

I saw that toying with anorexia was toying with my body, my future

and my ability to make a significant difference in the world.

I dropped it for good.

I live free and healthy today.

Binge Option?

Turning to the binge risky option is not the way out.

That would have meant recreating another

set of eating disorder problems for me.

I had already lost enough time to anorexia and

other eating disorders.

It is time to live.

Time to add value to others.

That's the reason for this site. To freely contribute to others' well being.

Please, go through the site. You'll get a lot of help.

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