Sexual Anorexia Rocks Marriages

Not Tonight...!

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No Healthy Desire For Sex

Simply put, like food

anorexia, sexual

anorexia is gross

distaste for sex.

Victim has no healthy

desire or appetite for


Most victims of this

disorder are women.

Men do experience it

too, sometimes.

Sexual relations form part of the Benefits of

Marriage Covenant.

And except for occasions in which both or one

of the couple is involved in prayer and fasting,

the Author of Marriage Covenant says they should

enjoy sex with each other often.


But if a wife has this problem, she comes up with divers

excuses to avoid being

touched by her husband.

-I am tired, Not tonight,


-I need to attend to some


-The kids are awake and

need my attention

-My head is aching

-My tummy is churning

-I am pregnant

-I am too sleepy

And many more…

Some of these excuses are imagined, or outright cop-out.


What Causes This form of Anorexia?

The causes are many.

Childhood sexual abuse

is one. This ingrains sex

in the brain of the

victim as a painful and

terrifying event.

And the husband could,

unfortunately, be seen

as the villain.

Old Wives' Fables

Mum said sex is sin.

Sex is bad.

Therefore, even when married and licensed to do it,

this mindset plagues the girl inside the woman.

She becomes frigid at every attempt by her hubby to

enjoy sex with her.

Of course, frigidity makes the whole exercise painful for

the woman to the embarrassment and chagrin of her hubby.

She ends up with a perfect hatred for sex.


Continuous pressure at work and at home could bring an

aversion for sex.

Inability to forgive and let go

When issues are left to fester between couples,

sexual relation is grossly affected.

If this is left untreated, one or

even both slip into sexual anorexia.

Effects Of Sexual Anorexia

-This anorexia results in unreleased libido

which creates

unnecessary tension and irritability.

-A spouse feels denied of what's his due.

-Often, the unsaid reason for separation and divorce is

lack of sexual satisfaction.

An older friend told how she loathed

sex before getting married.

Their 3-week honeymoon was spent

as 'bitter-moon.'

She was frigid and made the whole

sex exercise a bore for the hubby.

From this point, they were

just at each others neck.

In a few years, they parted ways, divorced.

Their marriage hit the rocks because

of rocks in their bed from day one.

Way Out

I had sexual anorexia. Especially because I had food anorexia.

As I lacked appetite for food, and hated eating, I lacked stamina

and hated even the suggestion of sex.

This went on for quite some time.

Fortunately, a family friend told me about a great book.

I Read This Book and It Turned On My Desire For Sex With My Hubby Again!

And many have read this book and got the same results I got.

It is a small and very practical book.

You are welcome to this site.

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