Self Starvation Risks

One Step To Anorexia

Self starvation is often the first step in a lifestyle of anorexia. There could be many reasons for this: Self-hatred, battered emotion, grief, poor and distorted body image, body image disorder, peer pressure, pressure in the work place or school, unhappiness, media hype on ideal body image, sickness and lots more. You just skip a meal, then two daily. Then you feel quite in charge and want to go a little farther. For all you care at this point, food is secondary. Other issues come first.

Females Suffer Most

It is often found most in females, girls and women alike. They easily get turned off food at the slightest provocation. Men who are workaholics are also affected. Perhaps, you know about men who have used it to press their political points home.

As you go deeper into this process, your body system adjusts to the new lifestyle. Unfortunately, this adjustment DOES NOT prevent the negative effects of the lifestyle.


Low productivity, poor eyesight, lack of mental clarity, low self-esteem, weakness, pale looks, heart problems and more, would generally result. Some aged or elderly people choose self starvation as the way to end the troubles they think they create for their children by their age- or sickness-induced inabilities. With this they starve to death and end their lives.

Sometimes, they are just very frustrated at the fact that they are unable to do things for and by themselves. This feeling is far reaching, and results in different mood swings. When eventually they make up their minds to take their Exit by Force, they may engage this slow suicidal process of refusing to eat at all.

Different health complications arise. The aged organs that need all the nourishment they could possibly get, give up, and pack up. This is similar to anorexia death. The major difference though, is in the motives. Anorexia death comes from starvation process to burn body fat, really thin out. Whereas, the other is starvation due to frustration, unhappiness and the like.

Self starvation is slow suicide and it has very ugly consequences both here and hereafter.

It is a risky way to achieve whatever results.

Eat well to think well. And if you think well, there is a greater possibility to reach solution ideas to handle the challenge. You are welcome to this site. It is loaded with lots of helpful info.

Go ahead, read through and, Most Important: USE The Info, please.

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