The Ideal Body Image

Is there really an ideal body image?

Where in the world is that located?

And who is bearing the image?

Man, woman, boy or girl?

Or isn't it just a picture?

The old maxim that beauty lies in the eyes

of the beholder still holds true.

What you may consider a beautiful and

ideal body image may not hold true for many others.

Others would see the

same body image or

structure and give a

good laugh at your poor


You didn't exactly

choose your basic body


You were originally

endowed with it by God

and arrived Planet Earth with it.


We are all equipped with our own individual,

and unique body.

It's impossible to change our body the way we change clothes.

Or the way we change houses.


Whereas we could choose what particular house to live in,

we can’t choose what particular body to carry.

We are only allowed to take good care of our body.

Nourish it.

Please note that your

body resists and

RESENTS drastic


Especially if such

changes will drastically

alter its unique make


Ever noticed those who

are naturally thin?

Some of them want to be fat.

They start bingeing to gain weight.

Their body suffers and gives out a loud cry.

They suffer a breakdown.

 Naturally Thin Or Fat

Then the fat one wants to be thin.

He or she eats and eats, and forces a throw-up.

Or a purge.

One of the eating disorders, Bulimia, has been invited.

Or they start starving, or eat little at best.

Get into compulsive daily workouts…..

Count food calories..

Weigh food before eating..

The body cracks.

A heavy breakdown occurs.

This is Anorexia.


You are uniquely equipped for your assignment on earth.

You were given a body that fits your unique assignment.


Take care of your body because no other person can.

Or even would.


What could your ideal body image be?

Here's my Ideal Body:

A body properly nourished with healthful fruits,

vegetables, and foods…

A body that enjoys moderate exercises daily...

Looking fresh all the time because of fresh fruits

and fresh vegetables…

A body that's healthy in and out…

One that always gets up and goes...

What's yours?

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