Symptoms Of Binge Eating

Disorder Outlined.....

Symptoms Of Binge

Eating Disorder

This eating disorder is

common among the

young and the old.

Both males and females.

It must not be mistaken

for the once-in-a-while

overeating people do.

It is much more serious

than that.

It is an insatiable passion for foods and eating food.

A victim eats heavy at an alarming regularity.

Almost always ready to eat some more.


  • Bingeing

  This is regular and irregular

eating of foods.

    Continual heavy eating. A

victim hardly feels full.

  • Feelings of embarrassment

    about weight and doing

    nothing about it.

  • Often hiding to eat.

    Hides food to eat later.


  • Even wakes up at night to eat some more.



  • If fat, dreams about being thin without doing anything about it

  • Depression

  • Feels inadequate, guilt and  shame

  • Hates to talk about weight issues

  • If overweight, doesn’t do anything to come down

  • Thinks much about food



  • Heart problems

  • Diabetes

  • High cholesterol level

  • High blood pressure

  • Fatigue

  • Headaches

  • Weight gain

Knowing these symptoms will help you seek A Way Out! early.

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