Anorexia In Teens- A Current Challenge

Battling With Anorexia In Teens?

For some families, this could be a real long-drawn battle. The most difficult is getting teens to talk and be open about this. And generally, getting them to talk on even simple issues could be tasking on your patience. They put up walls/barriers to make you not even want to try. But if you suspect that the idea of anorexia in teens has crept into your home, then let's work together on it here. Many teens are battling with anorexia so, yours is not peculiar. Many are even very much in love with the idea.

Maybe, a friend even invited or introduced your teen to anorexia.

Maybe, you are a teen battling with anorexia.

Anorexia Teen

Note that anorexia is different from occasional starvation. Teens starve occasionally for different reasons. Anorexia is HATING to eat food Primarily so as to be as thin as possible supposedly in order to enhance beauty. As an anorexia teen, you want to thin out and be more beautiful and accepted. This desire is the beginning of a long journey. I might as well warn that it is a risky and dangerous journey. Strong desires for thinness could easily becloud you.

Extreme Anorexia

At a time in my life, my utmost desire was to be super thin. I wanted to wear size 1 clothes! I gradually started giving up on eating. Sometimes, I'd eat once a day, or none at all. I followed hard and extreme exercise regimen. I slipped into anorexia. Yes, I was in its clutches. But I didn’t really know the implications of what I was doing. I was naive. I avoided every talk about foods and eating. So it's easy to understand why you ain't excited to discuss your bouts with anorexia. My health broke down many times. I even had pains around my heart and chest. My heart beat wasn’t normal. That was frightening but this didn’t stop me. My eyesight was affected badly. I had many other such Signs and Symptoms. I kept at it, very happy with the, 'You are so thin,' comments I got almost daily. I drove myself for more… And more… until I reached a breaking point. I lost every bit of control I had over my appetite. I couldn’t eat. I couldn’t sleep. I then knew enough was enough.

My life was on the balance.

I desired to live. I then realized that taking care of my body was not optional. But I needed to Recover. And recover fast. It was not easy, though. I set my mind to Eat. And eat healthy.

Anorexia and Depression

If you are an anorexic, you might have noticed that you have both anorexia and depression. Actually, anorexia caused the depression. How do you feel when you see yourself under-performing or under-producing? Sad and depressed? Maybe you never understood why.Anorexia causes under-productivity. The brain is underfed, the body is underfed, and malnourished, the organs are crying for help, for nourishment. Naturally, because of these effects of anorexia in teens you have probably started dreading classrooms and school. Would you continue with this lifestyle that robs you of your color, beauty and energy and proper focus?

The effect of anorexia in teens is so bad that even your growth and development are impaired. This leads to further depression.

How Do You Handle This?

If you are a Parent or Guardian, then:

• Be nice about this whole issue.

• Don't shout or go ballistic because of anorexia in teens whether they are your direct teens or they are in your care

• Assure them of your unwavering love and support, no matter what

• Make no reference to their past failures with issues of their health or body care.

• If you love to be pampered, (Hey, who doesn't?), give it to them

• Nicely educate them. In this, try not to run a seminar.

• Make it participatory. Never say, "I told you long ago..."

• They likely don't have any recollection of your teachings, I tell you...

• Remember, they'll discuss your talks between themselves later.

• Depending on what has worked for you before, you may pick your teens one after the other for this talk. I use this one by one method and it helps You can later call for a "General Meeting", when you are done with the one by one...

• Try early morning talks in one teen's room or organize anouting with him/her alone. Make it simple

• Ask them questions to get them talking.

• Learn what they know and share what you know.

• Refer them to helpful materials Like This.

• You might need to involve a friend or relation they admire and who is knowledgeable and also ready to share healthy-eating ideas with them.

• Ask God for wisdom

• Show them by your example!

Teen Anorexia

Teen anorexia is high risk. You wouldn’t want to hear in later years that some organ or part of your teen body system is either out of order or not properly developed. Teen anorexia puts a teen's health at gross risk. It's time to take steps to come out. When you come out of anorexia and start eating properly, the effect is practically magical. I can tell you on good authority that you'll feel great about your new looks. You'll appreciate your new surge of energy and happiness. Remember that the teen period is a passing phase. Soon, it'll be all over. Plant good memories. You'll live to enjoy your strength, vitality and optimum productivity.Excellent performance in your academics and sports is a possibility. But only you can make it possible. Walk in Excellent Eating Advice. This is the best time for it.

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