How Eating Disorders In Children Today Affect Our Tomorrow

Eating Disorders In Children

It's unfair, and  may be

unfortunate, but we

nowhave eating

disorders in children.

Children are fast

becoming victims of the

menace that's ravaging

a good number of

people in our society.


If you are an adult or adolescent, you are likely not to have

known what it meant to watch weight at 5years.

Now, check out some 5year old girls refusing food because

They Don't Want To Be FAT!


This syndrome keeps many mothers on their toes fighting

with these little beauties over meals.

Bulimia is growing its tentacles as these kids learn to throw up

whatever was forced down.

Bingeing is another

eating disorder in


Encouraged by adult

parents or guardians,

they eat at every turn.

What happens next?

They grow to

constantly eat or

demand food.

Easy… They grab

whatever is available.

Moreover, junk stuff is often within easy reach.

So, you see a child constantly stuffing some junk or the other.


Is it any wonder the high level hyperactivity tendencies in our children?

The crave for more junk and more food just keeps rising.

A society that pacifies a child's tantrums with promise of some food,

ice cream, cakes and candies has

much waiting in the near future.

Yes, much of the unwanted…

When kids learn that food is the answer to every discomfort,

then discipline is thrown overboard.

Proper control is lost.

And we have as a reward, Insatiable, Uncontrollable kids who would rather

Binge! than engage in any demanding usefulness.

Academic Under-


Another unwanted result is

academic underachievement.

There is the right time to

eat, right food for the brain.

If you miss out on these,

underachievement results.

The children that perform

poorly today are the same kids that will be in the

helm of affairs tomorrow, taking decisions that will bind us all.


When it has to do with kids and foods, please learn to guide them right,

Feed them right, feed them today, bearing their and our tomorrow in


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