Teenage Eating Disorders In Understandable Terms

I Want To Be Like HER!!!

Teenage eating

disorders are eating

disorders found

commonly among young

people of ages


At this age we tend

to be impressionable

and many a time

want to be like

our peers or some celebrity.

More teens get self conscious as they are suddenly aware of their

body shapes and sizes.

If you are like me, as a teenager, you want to be like mum…

Or like dad….

Or you just want to be opposite of them…

If mum is battling with weight problems,

Then you want to be forever thin.

Miss World From Miss Campus!

As a student, you wish you could be nominated

"Miss Campus"

"Mr. Campus"

"Miss High School"

"Mr. High School"

These titles are certainly

great to bear.

Only, as long as they don't

demand a price too costly.

I Want The Gold Medal

The temptation to compete

favorably at some sports or

events in school could lure

teenagers into teenage

eating disorders.


Teenagers have been found victims of Anorexia.

Here, they avoid eating, or at best eat very little, all in a bid to keep lean and shapely.

The danger is, this is started innocently.

Then, there's a snap point where the victim loses appetite for food

and is happy about it.

A trim figure is achieved at the expense of health.

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Teenagers also are victims of Bulimia Nervosa.

Here, they eat and vomit.

Or eat and take  self-prescribed laxative to get a purge. This

is in order to get rid of already consumed foods.


Another one is Binge.

It is a form of continuous eating with brief breaks.

Like having an insatiable appetite.

The result is usually overweight for some victims, and

health breakdown for others.

Another form of this is Binge drinking.

The teenage victim drinks and drinks to get drunk.

It may be in order to celebrate or to escape taking responsibility.


There's also the unwanted problem of academic

underachievement for teen victims of these disorders.

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