Symptoms Of Bulimia

Symptoms of Bulimia

Are Many.

They may not be

experienced all at

the same time.

Most bulimics

experience them over


Initially, everything may

seem to be going well.

And you may even be thrilled at the feeling of having

every thing in check.

You eat all you want, how you wish and as many

times as you desire.

Then, since you also wish to keep shapely and not

gain any weight from the foods you ate, you ensure

everything goes out fast: through the mouth by

vomiting or through the anus by use of enemas, laxatives

or diuretics.

On top of all that you add vigorous exercise regimen.


Soon, these other symptoms appear:

-Compulsive overeating

and binging


-Teeth decay and losses

-Damaged gums

-Dry skin

-Brittle hair and hair loss

-Brittle nails

-Excessive weakness

-Mouth and body odor


More symptoms?


-Mouth and throat sores

-Excessive distorted self-image

-Irregular heart beat

-Sores on knuckles

-Loss of control over eating and purging


-Excessive lying about this eating disorder


-Isolation and Loneliness



Some more:


-Abnormal bowel functioning


-Regular changes in weight

-Irregular menstruation

-Many visits to the bathroom soon after eating

or while eating

-Drug abuse. The use of laxatives is not subject

to any medical advice but as you desire and according

to how fast you want the foods out

-Forced fasting as a result of protracted binge episodes

-Feelings of guilt and shame

-Kidney and heart problems


-Death. This is the most dreaded


Bulimia is a wasteful eating disorder and the symptoms

of bulimia listed here indicate that this lifestyle

does nobody no good. It wastes money, wastes body and

eats away life.


I beat bulimia, I quit bulimia.

You too could walk out on bulimia!

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