Signs Of Bulimia

There are many signs of

bulimia which you could

easily spot out.

After living a bulimic

lifestyle for a while in

my teen years,

it is easy for me to

identify, and help other


You Could Spot these Signs:

-Frequent use of the toilet or shower

-Frail looks as a result of weakness

-Weakness is caused by overeating, binging and vomiting

or purging.

-Check the victim's knuckles for signs of finger insertion

to force a vomit.


-The smell of vomit which they try to cover with the use

of mint or breath sprays

-Regular use of enemas, diuretics or laxatives

-Compulsive vigorous exercise regimen

-Eating and overeating,

binging, within a short


-Eating to almost a

bursting point

-Hiding foods at special

secret corners to binge

on later

-Preference to secret

eating, avoiding eating with family

and friends as much as possible

-When you see the empty food wrappers you actually

wonder when they were consumed

More Signs...

-Cheek puffiness and mouth sores due to excessive vomiting

-Dental issues caused by stomach acids brought up by vomiting

-Excessive weight fluctuation

-Love for isolation

-Obsession with weight issues and food calories.

The concern about food calories is not to know

what foods to avoid eating and binging on.

Rather, it is to know how fast they must

get rid of the foods after eating.


-Anxiety, depression, shame and irritability

are found in many bulimics

-A negative body image and very poor self-esteem are also present.


With these, you'd easily spot a bulimic

and be able to discuss the issues and give helpful direction.

Help to bring them out of the dangers of this eating disorder 

that they face daily.

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