How Media Influence Eating Disorders Subtly

Media Influence Eating Disorders


Does media influence

eating disorders? You


Remember, the best

they try to sell to us is,

"eat this and live


Or, "you are on your

way to the grave on

high speed unless you use this product."

Are You Swallowing It All?

Many swallow what the media says, hook, line and sinker.

If it's on T.V., then it must be true.

The result of this herd mentality is simple:

Many rely on the said media for direction.

How does the media get what to tell us?

Always remember, they are paid to say whatever

you hear or read from them.

They are paid.

The highest bidder gets the loudest trumpeting.

The moment you stop paying, your product is dropped,

and remains at the background, unsung.

Thin=Perfect Beauty?

The media tells us that slim is success, is admiration, wears the crown!

So, unless you get that thin, you won't work the room as the celebrity

they project does.

Watch! She walks into a room full of girls and guys, but she gets all

the attention. She is the sleekest, and the thinnest.

Who doesn't want to be celebrated? I do, I don't know about you.

But at what cost?

The media doesn’t

exactly tell us all she

went through to gain

acceptance for the

advert. They don’t tell

us all she goes through

to keep being in


So, yet another girl

says she can achieve

the same figure and even better.

She goes on a starvation spree, inviting Anorexia!

What Foods Do You Buy?

Then, they portray some food items as foods for the smart, fast and loved.

Check what the ingredients are before you buy.

Like me in the past, you must have bought some of the foods.

They encourage us to eat them to be wise.

The more of it you eat, the wiser you become.

Then you gobble them up. Eat more. And still go for more.

What is Binge? You are defining it Already...

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