Overcoming Binge Eating

Overcoming Binge Eating

The steps to

overcoming binge

eating are many.

But most of them have

to do with your Decision

and what you hope

to do with your life.

If you see yourself as a

contributor to the

progress and success of

many, the tendency is to

try to live up to the positive demands placed

on you by family, friends, and others.

Even if at the moment you see yourself far from the above, many are still

looking for someone to take the lead and show them the way.

This may be in a huge area or in a small area.

The important thing here is your decision to contribute, to add value.


Binging was an initial sweet experience that turned sour to me later.

When I first stopped binging, the temptation to go back came many times.

One thing that kept me going was the knowledge of the effect of binging

and overeating on my body and heart.

I Want To Live Long

I didn’t want to die

young. I still have

a lot to do

to contribute.

The destiny and

success of many are

tied to mine.

I couldn’t afford to let

them down.

This helped.

Binge - A Dream Killer

So, I saw yielding to the temptation as an attempt to kill my dreams.

Initially, the pull was very strong.

As I kept to my promise to me, the pull waned in strength.

Until, it had no more power over me.

Enlist The Help Of A Friend

Another method you could use is to enlist the help of a faithful friend.

This person helps to remind you Not To.

Well, this works well if you respect the person and are willing

to obey as commanded.

Employing Drugs

Some victims use drugs like fluoxetine and other antidepressants to

reduce binge eating.

Some also use appetite suppressants.

These may work for a while.

Win Your Battles

But many have attested to the fact that killing passion for

Binging personally from within is the best approach.

You really know you have put this eating disorder behind you if

you are able to stand the sight of foods and yummies without

feeling a sense of loss at not eating them. 

Use Exercises

Add a simple aerobic exercise regimen to your daily schedule.

This sure helps.

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