Over Eating Disorder And Ageing Process

Over Eating Disorder

Becoming a victim of

this disorder is very


It starts simply by

eating too much once.

Then you try it again.

Especially if you have

easy access to an

excellent chef

(or you are one

yourself), who fixes what you enjoy.

This disorder is not gender selective.

And it is one that almost every one has been a victim of

at one time or another.

The problem is usually not the once or twice that it took place

but making a habit out of it.


I have watched people who consume an alarming

portion of food at a seating and regularly too.

Endangered Health

Do you know that overeating is dangerous to health?

The body could only use so much, and it really doesn't

need all that food to keep healthy and perform optimally.

Each food you take in

must be worked on by

your system.

That's the only way to

get the food usable.

If you overeat, your

system gets overworked

trying to break down

the food.

If you keep the system

constantly overworked, what happens?

The entire body complains…

Unrefreshed After Long Sleep

Do you wonder why you wake up after 6-8 hours of sleep feeling tired?

What did you eat the day before? How much did you eat?

While you were sleeping, your system was busy…

Trying to break down what you ate for usability!

Overeating has been found to hasten the ageing process.

That is, the victim becomes old too soon.

You want to retard or slow down the aging process?

Then eat less!!!

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