Light-Headedness In Anorexics

A Daily Challenge

As an anorexic

(back then), I

suffered almost daily

from light-headedness.

It was so


Unknown to me then,

this could cause brain


You see, your brain

takes three out of four parts of the

glycogen or energy supplied by the food you eat.

That's why you feel a head ache, or light-headed

when you lack food in your system.

Imagine my not eating at all or eating very little

at best, daily, as an anorexic.

I had this challenge to the max and with

all the other anorexia issues.

But I consoled myself that my thinning-out quest

would be effected faster, the lighter I felt in my head.

Imagine the destructive assumption!

It made me feel even dizzy.

Couldn’t just get up and go.

Quick, unplanned movements could easily

destabilize me resulting in loss of movement control.

It caused me poor body movement co-ordination.

How Did I Cope?

You might wonder how I

was able to follow

my exercise regimen.

This was easy because

I had programmed

myself for it.

Nothing could stop me.

Moreover, it was done in

the privacy of my home.

My daily productivity at

work was low

because my head wouldn't give me what I wanted

and at the time I wanted it.

I lacked focus and wouldn’t think through a matter

as required.


I was irritable, I mean,


There's always a Solution! to

every adversity.

That's what I used.

Use the same and your head

and brain would bounce

back to give you

what you want, and when

you want it.


You are welcome to this site.

Read, study and practice the helpful info you gather

from the site. It is fully loaded and free.

Again, you are welcome.

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