Dangers Of Eating Disorders

Body Abuse

There are many dangers of eating disorders. All eating disorders cause self-inflicted body abuse. An anorexia victim for instance, punishes their body consciously or unconsciously. The body suffers, nonetheless. When I had anorexia, I couldn’t think straight. This was because, I experienced a kind of fog in the brain. How much could you really achieve if you couldn’t think well? I often felt weak which also affected my mobility and productivity. Sickness causes lack of movement and the ultimate lack of movement is death. This was contrary to what I really wanted for me.

Frightening Effects

Sleeplessness was another. This was frightening because I saw myself unable to sleep for days. Irritability and restlessness are not left out.

Binge and bulimia also pose their own dangers. Overweight and obesity associated with bingeing are no welcome description of or for anybody. Bulimia and the purging using laxatives cause electrolyte imbalances, gastrointestinal problems and oral and tooth-related problems. Depression, anxiety, loss of self esteem, shame, substance abuse problems are also some of the dangers people with these eating disorders face. What about the often health breakdowns as a result of extreme exercise in anorexia and bulimia cases?

What about the losses? A bulimic eats and eats with the sole aim of throwing up or getting a purge. The food eaten could even be enough for two. Yet, you don't gain nourishment from it, neither does another person. Yet, cash has been spent purchasing the food. It is a drain on your pockets and that of your loved ones, and stretches to the wider society. This is a total loss in cash, health and productivity.

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