What Causes Anorexia?

Anorexia starts from thoughts

What Causes Anorexia?

What causes anorexia in girls, boys, men and women?

Except for very rare cases, anorexia eating

disorder is a rather personal choice and personal adventure.

That's why any remedy or recovery requires your 100% cooperation.

You must agree and be fully involved in remedying the situation.

The media trumpets the good, the bad and the ugly information

to the society.

The media,often says that thin is the perfect figure.

And that you could get really thin by 'dieting.'

You also discover that people who go through 'dieting'

programs receive quite some applause.

Huge compliments, that is.

Most children have the full plump look. Not necessarily

fat and not thin.

And we admire them.

But they hear the 'thin is great, beautiful and perfect'

message daily.

Everywhere from home to church, school, sports grounds,

and other places, they hear it loud and clear.

Understand the Many causes of anorexia

While some people understand how to gradually reduce their weight

in a healthy manner, very many don't.

So, in a bid to make this 'thin' mark, they go on a starvation exercise.

In the beginning, everything seems okay.

Reduction of food intake grows to skipping of meals.

Then to days without food at all.

At the onset, the tummy grumbles and later adjusts

to the new programming.

Because of the constant messages, some people develop

Poor self image which makes them see themselves as fat at

every look at the mirror. No matter how thin they really are

They are constantly at work on themselves to reduce weight

that's not really there.

This results in not only skipping meals now, but also excessive Work outs.

They are exercising to burn off excess calories.

If they eat at all, it is measured, the calorie content checked with

great carefulness.

The Friends' Factor

Friends also are not left out in this.

They want you to look like them or like someone they admire.

So, they advice with some pressure, that you force your weight down,

and live anorexic.

Some certainly mean well, especially if you are decked with all the

excess fats and grabbing even more.

Weight reduction is good if done in a healthy manner.

But, when you push to the extreme of anorexia, or even near it,

then, you are signing danger- or even anorexia death-warrants.

Take Charge Of Life, Again

Some just want to take charge of their lives, having lost control

in many other areas. Eating seems the easiest to subdue so

They control what they eat, and when, if at ll.


What causes anorexia? From the above, there are many causes of anorexia

But your personal decision and choices at the end of the day count

a lot.


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