What Is Anorexia Nervosa?

What Is Anorexia Nervosa

When you ask What is Anorexia Nervosa, I sincerely believe

you want straight answers, not text book info.

Anorexia nervosa or anorexia is great aversion or hatred for eating foods.

It is an eating disorder, to put it lightly.

You just have little or no appetite for food.

And unfortunately, love it so.

Your primary reason being in order to burn off fat and

be as skinny as possible.

Causes of Anorexia

What causes anorexia really?

Causes of anorexia nervosa could range from a simple

desire to shed off a few pounds,

a desire to wear a particular smaller clothes' size, modeling, depression,

emotional upset, desire for attention, desire for death

to many more.

Oh, did I mention that some people may want to live up to the desires

of their significant other and get into anorexia?

For teens and adolescents, especially students, peer pressure

to thin out and fit into a particular mode is one of the anorexia causes.

what is anorexia nervoas

To further push anorexia, a look in the mirror would show you

'A Fat You' instead of 'The Very Thin You', which you really are.

This comes from poor self image, lack of self acceptance.

And to some extent, low self esteem and self-hatred.

A victim usually sees self as

overweight when even too


Anorexia Death

For some, anorexia nervosa is not a planned ordeal.

It is slipped into gradually as you desire to shed just some weight.

Initially, your system puts up a protest.

Later, trust the system of humans(!!!), it adjusts and

accepts the 'New way'.

So, it starts winding up. It takes little food when it sees it.

At some point, it gets really happy with you

for not tasking it to process foods.

And it gets upset when you force food down.

To demonstrate its protests, it refuses to

process foods you eat.

And insists on a throw up or vomit in a short while.


It is a slow and steady suicidal mission. You are probably ignorant of this.

But you see, while you have controls over how little food gets in,

you don't exactly have controls over the consequences.

You can't control the Long Term Effects Of Anorexia.

Except anorexia is checked early enough, a crisis point is inevitable.

The said crisis point is so risky it is really

better never to get to it.

It results in anorexia death for some.

For some others, they get really sick because of

different organ failures. For instance, when I was living an

anorexic lifestyle, my heart was not healthy and I had

irregular heartbeats. If I continued, the next could have

been heart damage and heart failure.

So before you reach this point, look for help.

I reached that dangerous point.

Thank God I am alive to tell the story today.

That's why I put up this site. Understand the Symptoms Of Anorexia and

other ideas to help you with anorexia recovery recovery

from other eating disorders.

Go through the pages please. It's part of my appreciation for being alive



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