Binge Drink Definition

Drinking alcohol to get drunk is one general binge drink definition.

And this goes a long way to say what binge drinking is. It is excessive drinking episodes. Could happen daily, every other day, weekly, depending on what the drive to drink is. How much cash he has to support the excesses is also a determinant. If permitted, some binge drink on credit. Friends could also sponsor his reach for more alcohol.

So, What Is Binge Drinking?

Binge Drink Definition In The USA

Binge drink in the USA, for example, means having five or more alcoholic drinks in a row…This is for men. For women, it is having four or more drinks in a row. And this has to be done at least once in two weeks. A heavy binge drinker does this thrice or more in two weeks.

Binge Drinking Facts Around The Globe

But there are many cases around the globe, where people binge drink daily. In some university campuses, there are Palm Wine Drinkers' Club. I witnessed this in my student days. We non-members called them Drunkards' Club! Their meetings were characterized by too much noise and drinking-to-get-drunk.

College Binge Drinking

You couldn’t be a member of the club while insisting on living a sober life. Membership was synonymous with drunkenness. They even organized alcohol binge drinking competitions. "How much could you consume before being too drunk to continue?"... was their popular question. What a past-time to engage in, at a time of the highest academic demand on students! No wonder, I never mistakenly heard of any member of that club winning any academic or sports laurels. Binge drinking in college is one way of ending a college program in shame.

Effects Of Binge Drinking

You might have your Reasons for binge drinking but it might interest you to know that binge drinking is Dehumanizing.

My Uncle And Alcohol

The society I live in has lost many promising young men and women to alcohol. As I write, I remember an uncle that lost his very good job on alcohol. Today, he lives in penury, and has lost even his immediate family to alcoholism.

How To Stop Binge Drinking

Do you know how to stop binge drinking? It is simply by stopping. Make a choice to stop. Embrace the recovery options Here.It will really help.Go ahead and explore this site, it's full of helpful info...

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