Reasons For Binge Drinking

Reasons For Binge Drinking

Different people have

their different

reasons for binge


However, most of the

reasons are as a result

of stressful

circumstances the

victims don’t want to


-People face challenging times and rather than

sobering up to seek solution to the challenges,

they stretch themselves on binge drinking.

-If for example, you came to work and received a sack letter…

Your reaction may take different turns depending

on what and who you are on the inside.

Some would get the same letter and get excited because

they expect something better to happen for them

somewhere else.

You may get this letter and head straight for the bar.

…To drink away your sorrows, your say…

You indulge in a heavy binge and pass out.

When you wake up, would the contents of the letter

have changed?

-Some binge drinkers are in a stressful, bitter relationship.

Rather than face and settle the problems, they take it

out on themselves and spouses.

They binge-drink and arrive home drunk.

In this state, they feel free to talk trash and get violent.

-Among young people,

13-25 years of age,

peer pressure

plays a vital role in their

alcohol drinking.

For guys, they take

alcohol to show they

are 'man.'

Their friends binge on

alcohol and are loud,

and famous.

To gain their own cheap popularity they jump in,

not minding the consequences.

To Ask For A Date

-Some guys have confessed to me that they had to binge

on alcohol in order to approach a girl for a date!

Imagine that!

The answer is often 'nope,' anyway.

So they go have some more drinks for

having been turned down.

I remember, I had an encounter with a guy like that.

He was tipsy when he approached me.

He was shaky and just over board with his manners.

What on earth could I be found doing with him?

I excused myself, clean.

That was his last attempt at talking to me.

Lax Parenting

-Lax parenting contributes a lot to

binge drinking among youths.

These kids see that just about anything goes in their home.

Worse still, dad and mum binge-drink at

different times for different reasons.

Who would stop the child?

Any attempt by a school authority to stop what

daddy allows is resisted with vehemence.

And such kids push this habit and get others into

it within a short time.

To them, school rules are meant to be broken.

-Their academic performance gets badly affected.

They drink some more in an attempt to ward off

the feelings of failure that beset them daily.

Dropping out of school doesn’t solve the binge drinking.

Seems to give them more reasons for binge drinking.


They have to drink more to invoke the feeling of

'everything-is-alright' and avoid the sober

moments that reveal otherwise.

Living Out Of Character

-Some go into binge drinking because they have done

or want to do something that is out of character with

their standards or belief system.

They want to use alcoholic drink binge to silence

the voice of conscience that seems to keep speaking.

Here's a set of odd reasons for binge drinking:

Some are happy and express their happiness by going

out with friends to get drunk.

They drink themselves to stupor.

I heard of a guy who got drunk the night his

wife delivered their first child.

What a way to welcome a baby into this world!

What a way to congratulate his wife!

Some pass a tough exam and get drunk.

When this becomes habitual, the reasons outlined above

may not be there…

They get drunk because it is their lifestyle.

They want to remain almost always drunk or tipsy.

It becomes a daily affair.

Through it all, consider the the effects...

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