Infant Anorexia -The Real Issues

Infant anorexia is not very common. But some mothers certainly have issues with their baby's feeding to the perplexity of the moms. They give them names as, infantile anorexia. Well, the real issue is that the child eats little or nothing. He prefers to keep hungry. At this point, you wouldn’t say that the infant wants to shed weight. He is not thinning down nor bulking up! He just doesn’t want to eat.

Many factors affect an infant's ability and desire to eat.

Some infants don’t get to eat well if they are faced with distractions. If this is a regular, then his growth and development get impaired. Yes, he needs all the nourishment he could get to aid his growth process. This nourishment he gets from foods, or breast milk, as the case may be. Absence of the nourishment means absence of growth enhancers. Therefore, he creates worries for his mom and caregivers.

Most worrisome is the fact that this anomaly could etch the underdevelopment in the child for life. For example, if any of his organs doesn’t develop properly as a result, he is likely carrying it for life. So, his future and performance are hampered because of this infant anorexia.

A child I know, refused breast milk at 3 months. Even if his mom starved him all day, he still wouldn’t take the milk. Mom kept forcing till he was 7 months old. Of course, he lagged behind in development. He is a teen today and still suffers the negative effects of that gross undernourishment or infant anorexia.

Some infants would refuse food for the fuss and attention it attracts. A child's rejection of food could also be because of some physical pains he has. The pain could come from injection needle pricks, circumcision, or even a terrible fall. He could be sick. Patiently discover what the challenge is and plug it up. You may need to take him to a doctor or a nutrition expert.

Don't Give Up

Infant anorexia could unnerve first-time parents. But, don’t give up at all on getting them well fed. Sometimes, they want to know how far they can go. Infant, yes. But they know they get your attention if they shout. Soon they learn to keep you rushing to their bedside often with a shout! They are trying out their control abilities. They could do the same with eating. Unfortunately, their not eating could be a threat to their lives.

Therefore, find how best and easiest to get food into them. If they are old enough to eat solids, eat with them. Make eating fun, simple and easy. Start them early on natural foods. They are Natural babies and not Artificial babies!!! Depending on what stage your children are at, you may want to know more about child and teenage eating disorders.

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