How To Stop Binge Eating

How To Stop Binge Eating NOW!

Do you really want to

know how to stop binge


Maybe you have been

on it for long.

Maybe you have even

made decisions that

worked for a few

days and you went

straight back.

You are not alone.

But your fighting spirit has to come alive and keep awake.

You have come to the right place for the right answers.

Yes, answers that really work.

If you are like I was, you eat, binge, and don’t really care

about workouts.

That you are overweight has not really been an issue to you?

Perhaps, you come from a family of large people and you have

learnt to accept the fact of being large.

And to crown it all, you all binge.


But now, you want to learn how to stop binge eating.

Learn The How Here:

-Keep in mind that it is possible to quit binge eating.

-Your body has been

getting larger, but has

your heart been equally

getting larger?

The answer is, "NO," in


Straight, the implication

is that your heart, small

as it is, has a greater

demand placed on it by

your enlarged body.

So, it supplies blood to a much larger area.

The larger you get, the bigger the demand.


-Do you want to overlabor your precious heart and make it do the work

that should span over one week in one day?

Or do you have a spare heart?

Understanding this would help you stand whenever

you are tempted to binge.

The Place Of Fruits

-Start your day with eating fresh organic fruits.

This is one of the best things you could do for yourself.

Make fresh fruits your breakfast.

Some people don’t like fruits because of the upsets it gives them.

But this is mostly because they eat it wrongly.

Learn to eat fruits the right way.

Reduce Condensed Foods Intake

-Reduce your condensed food intake.

Make up the volume with vegetables.

This way, you have eaten healthy and your system

digests the food fast enough to supply your brain with the

much needed glycogen.

With this supply, your brain doesn’t keep sending you signals

that it requires glycogen.

This is sometimes what makes you want to eat and eat.

Snack Swap

-For snacks, keep edible raw vegetables like carrots, cucumber

and the like handy.

Yes, this is more helpful and healthful than the junk you often feasted on.

Eat Early

-Eat early dinner. It is very healthy to eat not later than 9pm.

Ensure the food is not heavy.

Ensure the food is not made up of different classes of condensed foods.

As in, proteins and carbohydrates all at the same time.

This usual but poor combination greatly slows down digestion,

if digestion takes place at all.

Protein with vegetables, or carbohydrate (starchy food) with vegetables

is the way to go.

Give it a try and enjoy the difference!

Light Exercise Regime

-Start a light exercise program.

Don’t try to do all the workouts you know at the same time.

No, that is unnecessary.

Gradual does it better.

Embrace A Compelling Future

-Get busy and work purposefully at a compelling goal.

Think this goal. It must be compelling and exciting enough.

Or you may get involved with friends in some community

work or a worthy cause.


This website is my contribution to all, to add value and help many

find the right eating direction. Feel free and read through.

But above all, Take Action on what you have learned here, please.

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