Social Causes Of Anorexia

Anorexia anorexia on the streets

Why The Discussion

It is important to

discuss social causes of


Reason? It has greatly

added to the alarming

increase in the

number of anorexics.

The social pressure

affects the young and

the old.

My 14-Year Old And Anorexia

My 14 year old daughter came home from school and wouldn’t eat.

Initially, I thought she was tired and would handle eating later.

Later, she said because she was involved in

some gymnastics dances in school,

she had to shed 10 whopping Kilos!!!

Was I alarmed!!!

I kept my shock mixed with anger in check and tried to find out why.

A part of the dance

involved what they

termed Wolf Wall.

In it, they build up

circles of humans

standing on the

shoulders of those


Finally, she would stand

alone atop the whole


She, as well as all

others who would be carried, had to shed weight!!!

Each according to his or her own level.

And the bad one now…

The weight has to go fast, within 7days!!!

Skip Meals To Win Prize?

The fastest way to achieve that is to skip meals or eat very little.

Trust me to put my foot down after hearing all the reasons.

I said 'Nope' to all that.

She wasn’t at all over weight.

So, why subject her to unnecessary weight loss

and possible introduction to anorexia

in order to participate in a school dance and competition?

My instruction?

Tell them, "Mom, says 'No.'"

She still did the dance, and her team took first position.

Social causes of anorexia? You have seen one.

The Media Push For Skinny Body

The media is one of the

  social causes of anorexia.

They project  models as

perfect, beautiful and


These models look so thin,

actually skeleton, they look


And to think some of them

use drugs to achieve the skeleton looks

while eating little or nothing, is absurd!

Their energy level is pretty low.

Pro-Anorexia Groups

The pro-anorexia groups all over the net

are not helping matters either.

They project ideas to thin out as the next best thing you must imbibe

to be trendy and acceptable.

I even saw a site where they outlined

the 'Ten Commandments Of Anorexia.'

They contain things you do and must not do to keep anorexic.


Toying with death and smiling!!!!!

Magazines and television have more than enough contribution

to the anorexia that's ravaging many.

How to put a stop to this trend is still not clear.

But websites like this and individuals are becoming aware

of the dangers of anorexia and other eating disorders

and are resisting the media pull.

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