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Speed Goes Green On College Campuses!

Certainly, Moringa helps. Read this:

Back in the old days it was black beauties and pep pills. These days it's the more dangerous methamphetamine. But those days are over. No more paying outrageous prices to shady dealers and ripping your body apart just to cram for an exam. Now there is a study aid that's all natural AND good for you. You can buy it inexpensively over the internet. And athletes in droves are buying it too!

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College students across the nation have discovered a little known nutritional supplement that not only helps them study but also keeps them alert the next day for exams. Pure powdered Moringa leaf capsules are completely organic, totally natural, and provide so many benefits that health food stores and pharmaceutical companies alike would rather no one knows about it.

Karen, a UCLA premed sophomore, reports, "Moringa capsules helped me get that extra two hours of study in prior to my final exam in biology. On just 5 hours sleep and two more capsules I was awake and alert and did great on the test."

Moringa leaf powder has been used successfully by the United Nations World Health Organization to cure infant malnutrition in Africa. Now it's being used in the United States for many other reasons, the least of which is malnutrition. Moringa has been used for over two thousand years to cure over 300 ailments within ancient cultures and now on college campuses it's been known to cure acne in three days, hangovers in one hour, and used as an appetite suppressant that provides essential nutrients. Athletes are into it big time as they find it helps them physically and mentally especially late in games.

A baseball player on the 2009 College World Series LSU team requesting anonymity said this, "I don't tell anybody I'm taking Moringa capsules because I don't want my opponents to get wind of it. It's not so much that I get a bounce in physical energy, it's more like games are won and lost on mental errors due to fatigue late in games. I'm just as sharp mentally and physically at the end as I am at the start. Wouldn't play without it and now it has spread over to our football program."

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Moringa leaf does not provide energy with sugar or caffeine so there are no crashes. It's more like an energizer bunny effect: you just keep going and going and going. Moringa has the unique capacity to go nutritionally wherever the body is lacking. Unlike other supplements that pass through you if you don't need it, Moringa is utilized all over the body.

The recommended dosage is 1-4 capsules daily and it's easy to self-dose as you will feel the effects. However, it's so totally nontoxic that the World Health Organization feeds up to 4 grams, equal to 8 capsules, daily to infants and twice that to lactating mothers. It's a food, not a supplement or drug. That's why it's so nontoxic. We know of some professional athletes who take a dozen capsules before games. College students have historically been on the cutting edge, this time with a substance that is totally beneficial.

So instead of surreptitiously buying expensive and debilitating drugs, legally and illegally, young people are totally out of the closet with Moringa. They have been taking it home, proudly offering it to parents and siblings alike just for the general health of their family. It's a fabulous antioxidant protecting family members from colds and flu.

An example of how potent Moringa leaf powder is: gram for gram it contains 7 times the vitamin C in oranges, 4 times the calcium in milk, 4 times the vitamin A in carrots, 2 times the protein in milk, and 3 times the potassium in bananas. Moringa is the all-natural study aid!

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----Curled from Moringa USA ZINGA website

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