What Are Centrifugal Juicers?


Centrifugal juicers work more like the usual kitchen blenders.

They have flat cutting blades that spin your fruits or vegetables

at very high speed (3000-7000rpm).

The juice is separated from the pulp through some tiny holes in

a strainer basket into a collector at the base.


When the strainer is full of pulp you open it up to remove the

unwanted pulp.

Some models have pulp ejector that ejects the

pulp as you keep juicing.

This saves cleaning time and is excellent when juicing large volumes.


Advantages Of This Juicer Type


-It is cheap and more available

-It is easy to use




-It is noisy

-The spinning speed is too high and causes oxidation which

destroys enzymes

-It doesn’t juice leafy vegetables well

-The juice yield is low and way too foamy.

-Some nutrients are not extracted from the produce because the

high speed blades don’t penetrate enough for deeper extraction.


Recommended Juicers

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