Anarexia Is A Devastator


It is a personal adventure or romance with suicide. It starts from a feeling of inadequacy and lack of self-acceptance. Having been in it for many years, I understand the feelings and also the dangers. There's really no single plus when you consider the effect of anarexia in humans. Even if you consider the models who flaunt skinny bodies for a short win. The long-run effects are awful. Couldn’t the model have won without meddling with this eating disorder? Yes, of course!

The standards need a re-evaluation. What we allow grows. If health consciousness is brought to the fore, media would lack patronage if the yardstick is extreme anorexia and thinness for acceptance as a model.

If models knew they are all beautiful and accepted the way they are, they would emphasize health above their so called Ideal Body Shape! Is there really an ideal body shape? Think about it! God our Manufacturer, equipped us with different body potentials at birth.

True, by eating and over eating, by one level of self indulgence to another, people develop body tendencies that inhibit the release of their full body and brain potentials. But, of course, you can handle this by engaging a good level of personal discipline.

The idea of optimum level of productivity is important.

So, everything you have should serve to achieve this purpose both in the short run and at the long run. Every body activity should be geared towards achieving high productivity and excellent health.

The question now is, could this anarexia, which is self-starvation, aid high productivity and health? From my experience and the experiences of many, the answer is a huge No. When your body starves, your brain is starved three times.

Yes, your brain requires three times the energy supplied to the rest of your body. When we talk about energy here, we are talking about glycogen or simply, glucose. Every food you eat is generally digested for the release of this glycogen. So, when, in order to be the thinnest in your community and fit into a Size One dress, you starve, you are actually keeping your body away from receiving glycogen.

Consequently, your BRAIN IS THE MOST STARVED.

The Risks of Anarexia are too many for anyone to even entertain this idea. No, not even for a brief while. You can keep shapely without starving. I have kept shapely over these years without starving.

Why did I ever think of destroying my body, brain and even life, in order to enforce a thin body and keep shapely?

It's not worth the risk. Please, come off it!

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