Bulimia Tips And Tricks To Help You

Bulimia Addiction

If you are looking for bulimia tips and tricks, then it is important you understand the actual meaning and consequences of what you are searching for. You may think that bulimia ends with just binging, overeating, vomiting and frequenting the loo after swallowing some laxatives, and then over-exercising... Nope… It’s much more than that. More dangerous than that. Toying with bulimia and living with bulimia addiction would never make your life better. Don't let anybody deceive you. Bulimia, like anorexia, is a slow suicide mission. It promises heaven but delivers hell…

Dangers in Bulimia

Your body is not nourished by the heavy foods you eat and vomit. In other words, your body is neglected and not fed. You  sure may have your reasons which you consider great enough. But, nature has made it that only You can take care of your body. Feeding your body correctly is a responsibility only you can answer to. When you were a baby, you couldn’t read this. So, I am addressing the You that could read this. It is your personal responsibility to care adequately for your body, feed it well and healthy, allow it grow and develop, supply the correct foods for it to renew itself, and more. Bulimia is an addictive eating disorder.

Toying with it is like stretching your hand to put a goat head into the mouth of a caged lion…. And stretching enough to caress the face of the lion!

Why engage in such waste? Why live a lifestyle that daily keeps you disempowered? You need all the empowerment you could get daily to deliver on your purpose on earth. Not feeding your system properly and steadily would negate your abililty to deliver. Watch it!

You could overcome bulimia. You could conquer your fears. You could live healthy.

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