A Brief List Of Eating Disorders

List Of Eating Disorders

Here's the list and a

brief explanation of

what each is.


The victim eats little or

no foods in a bid to

shed weight

that she hardly has.

They get quite picky at

foods, checking

calories, weighing foods,

undertake excessive exercises to burn fat.

They are thin or too thin for their frame but feel and complain

about how overweight they are.



This is excessive food consumption and more than enough times per day.

The victim has as insatiable appetite for foods.

Food is synonymous with joy to them.

The more they eat, the happier they feel.

Compulsive eaters, you call them.

Bingers are usually obese or nearly so.



They overeat but feel uncomfortable after eating.

Reason is that they are weight conscious. So after enjoying

the eating program, they devise abnormal ways to get rid of the food.

They use any or all of the three methods: throwing up by inserting

finger into their throat, use of laxatives or enema to force a purge,

or excessive workouts.



This is not very common.

Victims have unusual

appetite to eat

metals, wood, plastics and

the like.


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