Depression And Overeating

A Great Partnership

Research shows that depression and overeating often go together. When people are depressed, they swing to different extremes. They either refuse food entirely, that is anorexia depression, or, overeat. If family and friends are around, there's usually more tendency towards overeating than food avoidance. Everyone concerned wants to help make the depressed happy. And perhaps, get them out of depression as fast as possible.

Spoil You A Little?

They get really nice and want to 'spoil' the sad and depressed a little. Even if it means indulging her in the area of food and eating.

Elastic Body

The human body is elastic and so responds to what you give it. If you eat more, the body asks for more. Overeating starts as a result. A situation where you are just on food at every possible turn. And guess what? Family and friends seem quite understanding and would help you with some more edibles. Anything to help you stop the brooding-and-depression cycle.

Deeper Pit

Unfortunately though, the more a depressed person eats, the heavier they feel and the deeper they get into depression.

Food Wipes Sorrows?

Some want to eat more to forget their sorrows. But you know better than that. Food has no capability to wipe away sorrows, hurts and battered emotions. Food has no such powers. Food helps only in the sense that it supplies you with more energy to think. If you eat the right proportion for your makeup, that is. If you overeat, you fall into a state of stupor which is not helpful for creative thinking. Eat Right=Think Right

Yea, if you eat right, you think right. Your right thinking helps you look at the situation critically to come up with a sustainable solution. Kind of calculating your way out of trouble.

Victory Over Depression

This challenge can be overcome. You need to sit down to take a deep look at the cause of your depression. The depressed faces too many risks. Some have suddenly dropped dead or gotten too sick to be useful to even themselves. All because of depression and overeating. What about the alienation from friends and family who tried to help and gave up along the line?

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You are the best person to take care of you!!!

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