Hidden Cause Eating Disorder Exposed

The cause eating disorder is dependent on which disorder.

There are therefore many causes. For example, Anorexia can be caused by an emotional upset. It can be caused by lack of self-acceptance. Another cause is wishing to be like a model on T.V. And the fastest way is to start starving or skipping meals. The starvation exercise could turn to anorexia.

That is, the body system is so programmed that even when you want to eat, the body tends to reject the food. Nausea has set in. So any forced attempt to take in foods forces a natural throw up. Of course, the issue of hunger is not discussed because it's dead, there's strictly no appetite nor hunger pangs. Unfortunately, at this point, the victim still sees herself as fat. She may be looking like a skeleton but still has the false belief that she is too fat.


Binge is caused by over indulgence on foods. Appetite gets enlarged. It's also caused by emotional upset and wanting to get even. Some people take out their anger on foods. They eat and eat and eat. Something might just spark off this disorder of almost always eating. Strange point: It could be hereditary!!! Funny? Well, if you were born in a family of huge eaters, what do you naturally see yourself doing as a hobby? Eating of course! Problem is when you, as a basic individual, go on with it. The decision is all yours. You can break the pattern! Yes, You can!


Bulimia is another which comes from unwholesome partnership between enlarged appetites and desire to keep trim. You may call it indiscipline. Eat too much, and still keep trim? Since both hardly go together, the bulimic forces the food out by using laxatives or forces a throw up after indulging.

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